Volunteer for the Cathedral Arts Project

Assist a teaching artist.

Volunteers will help the teacher as needed and as their skills permit. Examples include helping kids with homework while waiting for their class to begin, helping with art projects, learning music skills or being helpers in a dance class. Volunteers need to attend classes on a regular basis (one or twice a week) to be effective.

Arrange a special celebration for a class.

Our students love special events. Volunteers can organize a celebration or party for a class at the end of a 9-week grading period or to recognize an important event for the class (holiday, successful performance, etc.). This can be a one-time event.

Share your talent.

If you have a special talent in the arts, come share it with a class as a guest artist. This requires a minimum of one visit, but the same talent can be shared with many classes at different schools.

Provide art supplies.

Items such as art supplies may be used as rewards for a job well done for the children. Volunteers can attend the class or give them to the director of programs for distribution.

Dinner en Noir – October 15, 2016

Assist with event set-up, check-in, and other event related duties.

Spring for the Arts – April 28, 2017

Assist with check-in/check-out, silent auction staffing and other event related duties.

Showcase of the Performing Arts – April 22, 2017

Assist backstage w/ stage direction, ticket-sales and survey collection in lobby, etc.

Showcase of the Visual Arts – TBA

Assist with refreshments, check-in students and families, etc.

Gallery Openings

Assist with event set-up, guest check-in and other event related duties.

Cathedral Arts Project Offices

We often have a need for volunteers in the office. We can call you as needed.

Give us Your Ideas!

Contact Nichole Garvie at 904.281.5599, ext. 10 or nichole@capkids.org.