Our Process

The Cathedral Arts Project employs instructors to provide twice-weekly, after-school instruction in the visual and performing arts. Classes are led by exceptional teachers who are chosen for their ability to communicate with children, as well as their artistic abilities.

Each week, more than 50 classes are held at public elementary schools, as well as a few community centers. Priority for our programs is given to those schools where at least 62 percent of the students qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program.

Field trips to museums and performances, as well as visiting artists in the classroom, are often used to augment class instruction. Above and beyond the arts, teachers are also required to incorporate both literacy exercises and character building skills, such as cooperation, anger management, negotiation and compromise, assertiveness, and stress management into their classes.

Our curriculum includes the history and vocabulary of each art form taught, as well as its application and/or performance. Age-appropriate benchmarks from the Florida Department of Education’s Sunshine State Standards are incorporated into all lesson plans.

For many of our students, when they create a work of art or complete a musical, dramatic or dance performance, it is the first time in their lives they have accomplished something positive and beautiful. Seeing their work on exhibit or hearing applause while on stage, they realize they are successful, valuable individuals, and as such have a future beyond their current social and economic situations. They are motivated to set goals, finish school and become productive adults.