Measurable Results

The Cathedral Arts Project is proud to report on its results from 2017-2018. Participation in the arts is a catalyst for extraordinary change in the lives of children, change that sets them up to succeed in school and in life. Through our programs, students are provided with quality, standards-based instruction in dance, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts at no charge for instruction.

CAP annually surveys students, teaching artists, principals and parents/guardians. Parent/guardian feedback often explains the transformation they see in their children once they become involved in the arts. For example, one parent shared that her son was dealing with anger issues because his father was recently deployed and that CAP “was AMAZING therapy.”

CAP’s 2017-2018 Ethnic Distribution vs. Duval County Public Schools

African American
CAP: 55.4%
DCPS: 44%

CAP: 20.4%
DCPS: 35%

CAP: 3.2%
DCPS: n/a

Asian/Pacific Islander
CAP: 2.7%
DCPS: 4%

Native American
CAP: 0.48%
DCPS: <1%


CAP: 10%
DCPS: 12%

CAP: 7.7%
DCPS: 5%