Measurable Results

The Cathedral Arts Project programs have a strong and enduring impact. Since 2012, CAP has undergone several independent research studies, the results of which consistently show statistically significant differences between CAP students and matched non-CAP peers. On average, CAP students:

  • -Attended three more days of school during the school year than their peers
  • -Received half as many behavioral violations as peers
  • -Had the lowest numbers of behavior violations in high-behavior-incident schools
  • -Scored approximately 7 points higher on standardized tests in reading and math
  • -Had higher grade-level proficiency on standardized test scores in reading and math
  • -Performed better in science

Participation in the arts is a catalyst for extraordinary change in the lives of children, change that sets them up to succeed in school and in life. Through our programs, students are provided with quality, standards-based instruction in dance, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts at no charge for instruction. CAP is proud to report on its results from 2018-2019.