Program Portfolio

Afterschool instruction in the visual and performing arts

CAP provides quality, standards-based instruction in dance, media arts, music, theatre and the visual arts that immerses students in the vocabulary, history and beauty of an art form. Through rigorous and stimulating twice-weekly classes, students learn the various elements of their chosen discipline, participate in character- and self-esteem-building exercises and learn effective means of communication and critical thinking. Highly qualified teaching artists spend at least two hours each week mentoring students, building their skills over the course of a school year and transforming not only their academic performance, but also their lives.

School day instruction in the visual and performing arts

CAP works to increase standards-based arts learning during the school day, both as independent subjects and through arts-integrated curriculum in other courses. Yearlong classes, short-term collaborations, artist residencies and project-based processes help students develop the critical thinking skills needed for proficiency in both the arts and other academic subjects.

Instruction in the visual and performing arts for children with specialized needs

CAP enables students with specialized needs to fully engage with the arts and empowers them to unleash their creative potential. This program assures no child is excluded because of learning, language, socialization or physical challenges and that all learners have adaptive, personalized opportunities to engage with the arts. In addition, CAP provides professional development and programming for artists, educators and families focused on integrating the arts in the classroom and at home for students with physical and developmental needs.

Summertime instruction in the visual and performing arts

CAP provides quality, standards-based instruction in all five arts disciplines during summer months, sustaining learning for students who receive school day and/or afterschool instruction and engaging new students who do not have access to school-based arts education during the academic year. This continued engagement in the arts is essential for students to retain knowledge gained during the school year and reinforce the critical thinking, communication and character-building skills necessary to achieve artistic, academic and personal success.

Visual and performing arts field trips and guest artist visits

CAP inspires students by introducing them to professional and diverse working artists through field trips to arts and cultural venues in the community and guest artist presentations and performances at their program sites. These opportunities allow students to connect with local, regional and national arts professionals across all five arts disciplines, providing gateway experiences that illustrate what a life informed by arts and culture looks and feels like. This exposure ensures students see the possibilities for creative careers, understand the importance of public investment in the arts and imagine their own futures in an arts-rich community.

Professional development for artists and educators

CAP encourages lifelong learning in the arts and motivates local arts educators to remain current with trends and best practices in all arts disciplines for the benefit of their roles as both instructors and practitioners. Through local and national partnerships with organizations like Arts4All Florida and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, CAP is able to provide high-quality training that develops the capacity of arts educators to deliver effective, meaningful instruction in the arts; school administrators to support arts programming; and professional artists to support the needs of public education.

Visual and performing arts student talent recognition

CAP promotes excellence through the curation of visual art exhibitions and student performances throughout the community. Showcasing student work is a mainstay of CAP programs, serving as a reward for students’ hard work and reinforcing the self-confidence and maturity fostered in classes. CAP connects stakeholders with students to showcase and support their work, increasing student confidence, encouraging a high standard of instruction and promoting arts education in the community.

An ensemble of current and former CAP string students

The CAP String Orchestra is an ensemble comprised of current CAP string students and CAP string alumni. This program allows students in grades 4 through 12 to collaborate and perform complex pieces of music and further their understanding of both classical and contemporary music. Performance opportunities are provided throughout the year for the full orchestra, as well as smaller chamber ensembles.

Arts education advocacy

Any Given Child Jacksonville strengthens the impact of CAP by bringing national-level expertise and momentum to the arts-in-education movement – uniting stakeholders behind a common vision, identifying and ameliorating gaps in access, and working to secure and direct resources where they are most needed. AGC places arts education at the forefront of community dialogue about education and illustrates how the visual and performing arts can provide pathways to excellence for all learners.

Visual and performing arts summer camp

Camp Encore provides children ages 6 to 11 with week-long education in the visual and performing arts, allowing them to discover their passions and grow their creativity during summer months. Led by qualified teaching artists, campers explore dance, music, theatre and the visual arts each dayThese short-term, high quality learning opportunities prevent summer learning loss and reinforce the skills like creative thinking, perseverance and self-discipline that help children succeed throughout life.