What parents say about the Cathedral Arts Project

“Matthew never liked school; he said to me continuously before his CAP classes, “I hate school. Do I have to go back?” From kindergarten to third grade all he could tell me was that he hated school. Then he enrolled in violin. He would remember his days for practice. When he forgot his violin he would call me at work and ask me to bring it to him during my half hour lunch. The arts were instrumental to him finally liking school. He had, finally, something to look forward to. I never heard my son talk positively about school until violin lessons. It made school fun.”

“With CAP, Natasha has a sense of responsibility. And as she masters her instrument, her confidence increases. Thank you for giving our children this opportunity. What you all are teaching is priceless.”

“Her grades have greatly improved. The program has made her know that there is nothing she can’t do. She has worked very hard. Thank you for bringing this program to my child’s school.”

“Deuna loves to dance. CAP has been motivation for her to keep her grades up, and that she did. CAP is a blessing to her.”

“Jakari’s grades have improved. He’s also more calm and wants to do art all the time!”

“Englynn has really worked hard on improving her grades and behavior. CAP has given her the opportunity to remain focused and do her best.”

“Having a creative outlet meets a real need that left unmet is counterproductive to being able to stay focused. The imagination has been turned on. There is less ‘I need to be entertained’ and more ‘I have an idea.’ Jordan struggles with a disability and has difficulty making friends. This program is so positive – he feels good about his work and looks forward to each class. Thank you.”

What students say about the Cathedral Arts Project

“When I play the violin, it makes me feel really good inside.”

“Art inspires me to make better paintings and explore who I am.”

“CAP helped me get on the AB honor roll!”

“I want to continue to dance in CAP because dance is my happy place and I can be free. It’s the one thing I can do without worrying about anything.”

“This class helped me find my path.”

“Because of CAP, I’ll be going to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, a magnet high school, next year.”

What CAP teaching artists say about the Cathedral Arts Project

Many of our 5th graders attended dance auditions this month at performing arts middle schools, Lavilla and Ft. Caroline. I’m excited to share that two of my students passed the audition at Lavilla and six passed the audition at Ft. Caroline. These students have been enrolled in the CAP program for multiple years and have been working hard towards the goal of acceptance into a performing arts middle school. It warms my heart to see my students following their dreams and accomplishing goals! I’m so proud of them!

Every year, we dig a little deeper to enhance our little artists’ experiences with either a live museum or as teaching artists at our school’s annual Night of the Arts. By providing this opportunity, students are able to venture out of their comfort zone, get into character and simply have fun! Our students thrive when given the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. By teaching parents and other children how to create art projects, they are working on their social skills, character development and confidence in themselves!

I felt great about how the kids felt on our last day – all wanting to give me a hug and tell me how much they’ll miss the class. I got a few very sweet notes and cards as well. It makes you feel accomplished when the students let you know they enjoyed the learning process. Sometimes as instructors it’s easy for us to focus on the bumps in the road as you try to achieve a group goal. Final days are a reminder that the students got something worthwhile out of the process – and that, whether its acting, self-confidence, or a morale boost – is priceless.