Understanding How the Arts Add Up in Duval County

In 2019, the Cathedral Arts Project began collecting data from local schools about arts programs and resources provided to children and young adults. The data collected helps stakeholders understand the impact, equity and standards of quality arts learning in Northeast Florida schools.

The findings below are based on the most recent data collected from school administrators for the 2022-2023 academic year.

External Funding Sources

Because of limited district funding, external funding sources for arts programs in schools are crucial as they provide the necessary financial support to sustain and enhance these programs in ways such as supplies, equipment and extracurricular programs. Additional external funding helps ensure arts education remains accessible and helps nurture the next generation of artists, performers and creative thinkers. 

The graph to the left shows the sources of funding beyond standard district funding for responding schools. Participating schools frequently have no available additional funding. Only 28 schools had additional funding through district grants. 

* “Other” responses include principal’s fund, Amazon wish list, PTA, parent donations, state arts associations, book fairs, and teacher personal spending.

Resource Requests

Resource needs in art classrooms can vary depending on the specific art projects being pursued and the age and skill level of the students. Needs can include dedicated art budgets, staff, supplies, and curriculums designed to support creative expression and hands-on learning.

Respondents were asked about which resources would best benefit their school’s art programs. Most programs highlighted a need for a dedicated arts budget.

Opportunities for Engagement

Additional opportunities for students to participate in the arts may include field trips, guest artists, and out-of-school performances. The majority of schools offer no additional opportunities for arts engagement to their students.

For More Information

To view all reported data, visit the comprehensive dashboard here.

To support CAP’s efforts to ensure equitable arts education for all students in Northeast Florida, contact Dr. Lucy Chen, VP of Advocacy and Community Engagement, at lucy@capkids.org.