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CAP offers in-person visual and performing arts courses for a variety of ages taught by qualified teaching artists & fellows.

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About CAP Programs

CAP instructs, instills and inspires through a variety of offerings including afterschool, school day and summer programs, cultural experiences, advocacy, community partnerships and professional development.

Through CAP programs, children and young adults receive quality, standards-based instruction in dance, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts.

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Markers of Quality

In every program, CAP strives to meet or exceed these markers of quality to provide the best experience for its students. Working with CAP’s teaching artist fellows, community partners and families, these markers of quality were developed to ensure and measure success for all stakeholders, with a focus on providing programs that meet the needs and wants of CAP’s students.

Qualified Teaching Artists

CAP employs certified teaching artists who are experts in their artistic field and have extensive classroom experience. They do more than just teach – they inspire each child’s creative spirit and are mentors, advocates and champions for every child in every class.

Safe Spaces

CAP respects and values each child’s unique identity and differences in an inclusive, supportive and safe environment where they are empowered to express themselves authentically.

Sense of Belonging

CAP fosters trust, respect and acceptance among children and their teaching artists. Every child is encouraged to participate in their own way and every effort is made to ensure they see themselves reflected in the curriculum.

Opportunities to Explore

CAP offers each child the opportunity to discover their passion and grow their creativity in the ways that work best for them. Various arts disciplines are available to every child, and no one is ever excluded.

Access to Experiences & Resources

CAP provides the tools for children to build confidence and decide who they want to be and what they want to do. Each child’s arts learning experience is amplified through access to new experiences and high-quality resources.

Growth & Learning

CAP develops children’s artistic, academic, social and emotional skills through quality arts instruction. Along the way, the arts allow children to discover and develop their unique skills and strength of character.

Inspired Confidence

CAP ensures opportunities for each child to showcase their work and engage with their schools, families and communities. Every exhibition and performance inspires a sense of pride and joy, instills a lifelong appreciation of the arts, and celebrates each child’s creative spirit.

Program Reach

During 2022-2023, CAP offered in-person arts programs to children and young adults across Duval County, including at public schools, community centers and partner sites. Through its programs, CAP reached 1,918 students through 122 programs at 47 sites. CAP employed 20 part-time teaching artists, 4 full-time teaching artist fellows, 21 assistants and an additional 11 guest artists. Students experienced more than 47 performance and exhibition opportunities throughout the year, impacting a total audience of 5,653.

Program Partners

Cornerstone Classical Academy
Duval County Public Schools
Hope Haven
John E. Goode Pre-Trial Detention Facility
LFS Head Start
North Florida School for Special Education
Paper Airplane Behavioral Center

PossAbilities Plus
Ruby Beach Behavioral Pediatrics
The Discovery School
The Morris Center
The Jericho School
Youth Crisis Center

Become a Partner Site

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