CAP Student Performs at Carnegie Hall in Crescendo International Music Competition

Cathedral Arts Project student William Bell was awarded 2nd prize at the Crescendo International Music Competition (CIC), a youth music nonprofit that aims to inspire individuals to pursue their passion for music. As a prize winner, William was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Saturday, February 12, 2022.

“I was elated to be playing at one of the most prestigious venues for classical music in the country,” said William. “I am grateful to my dear friends at the Cathedral Arts Project for providing me with the gifts of music, emotion, fulfillment, passion, artistic community and, perhaps most treasured of all, friendship. CAP has presented numerous opportunities which have formed who I am as a person, as a violinist and as a dreamer.”

William Bell outside Carnegie Hall

In addition to being an accomplished violinist, William is a student at Riverside High School and serves as a mentor for a beginning violin class led by CAP String Teaching Artist Fellow Joshua Stone at Central Riverside Elementary School. William is also a member of the CAP String Orchestra, which is funded by the Kids Hope Alliance (KHA).

“CAP is a great example of the commitment to excellence and equity that KHA strives to create and foster in its programs,” said KHA Chief Administrative Officer Dr. Saralyn Grass. “Through our community partnerships, KHA provides opportunities to help children succeed and grow as individuals, and ultimately turn their dreams into reality.”

CIC competitions allow performers to maximize their potential and serve as a professional setting for aspiring musicians to showcase their talents at prestigious concert halls worldwide. Performers are also presented with an invaluable opportunity to interact with other musicians and learn essential life lessons such as having the confidence to get back up after stumbling.

William Bell mentoring students at Central Riverside, January 2020

“We all have our own examples of how taking advantage of one opportunity often opens doors to others, which in turn can shape the entire trajectory of one’s life,” said CAP President & CEO Kimberly Hyatt. By empowering the creative spirit of children, CAP helps bring them options and opportunities they would never have had otherwise and equips them to take advantage of those opportunities.”

The Crescendo International Music Competition is a youth music competition held annually since 2007. There are two rounds of competitions – auditions and winners’ recitals. Auditions were held both by video submission and in-person throughout the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia from November 2021 to February 2022. Based on the audition performance, judges assigned a score that determined a contestant’s placement. Winners of the audition round were invited to perform at Carnegie Hall, which can confirm or change the results received in the audition round. Grand prize winners will be announced at the end of March 2022.

About Crescendo International Music Competition:
The mission of Crescendo International Music Competition (CIC) is to inspire individuals to pursue their passion for music through involvement in competitions, master classes and other educational programs. CIC’s vision of placing performers at the center of the process distinguishes it from other music competitions. CIC’s objective is not simply to select the best musicians, but to reward those who demonstrate a passion for music and show considerable progress, talent and unwavering dedication. CIC is driven by the belief that music is one of the greatest gifts and is proud to be one of the few organizations that supports children with disabilities.

February 17, 2022