The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts launched Ensuring the Arts for Any Given Child in 2009. This national initiative brings communities together to implement comprehensive, sustainable arts education agendas so all K-8 children have equitable access to learning in the arts. In 2013, Jacksonville was selected as the 14th Any Given Child community alongside cities such as Austin, Sacramento, and Portland.

As an Any Given Child community, Jacksonville is poised to use the arts to transform public education.

Since 2013, Jacksonville has rallied around a new vision for quality public education. This vision places the arts at the center of a renewed commitment to the whole child.

Any Given Child Jacksonville is uniting diverse stakeholders that include DCPS personnel and students, arts organizations and artists, and business and community leaders. We have worked ceaselessly to raise awareness and build capacity to ensure every K-8 student in Duval County receives access to a high-quality arts education.

Together, we have an opportunity to achieve the dream of quality arts education for all. But we can’t do it without you. Please consider joining this community of advocates. For more information, email Allison Galloway-Gonzalez at With your commitment, we will harness the power of the arts to transform schools so that Jacksonville’s future is overflowing with creative capital.

Click here for Any Given Child Jacksonville’s outcomes since the launch.

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