Giving is the Gift Itself

The giving season is one of the busiest times of year, and it is also a time that reminds us to reflect on the importance of family and friends, kindness and generosity. Every winter, we shift our focus to value what matters most and strive to be our best selves. The act of giving sustains the human spirit in a way few other actions do, and for that reason it is essential to the human experience.

Giving thanks is an easy place to start. The Cathedral Arts Project closes its 30th anniversary year this season, and we are so grateful for the extraordinary altruism of the Northeast Florida community. From our corporate partners and individual donors to the educators, administrators and teaching artists we work with every day, your giving spirit has allowed us to thrive in providing tens of thousands of children and young adults with access to quality arts education and therapeutic services. Your acts of giving, exemplified in so many ways, have guided the growth of CAP and inspired us for decades.

Students celebrating at the annual Performing Arts Showcase.

Gifts come in all sizes, and for nonprofit organizations, they come in many forms — a donation of food or supplies, monetary support, the volunteering of time, or the building of relationships are just a few examples of gifts that sustain us. Without giving, the nonprofit community that enhances our community in infinite positive ways would not exist.

In the philanthropic sector, the big gifts receive the most attention, but the small-gift supporters make the greatest contribution to a nonprofit’s success. Small-gift supporters are loosely defined as people who contribute $100 or less to a nonprofit. It may not seem like your gift of $100, $50 or even $25 will make a difference, but it truly does. Sustained support from small-gift donors allows for a diversified income stream for nonprofit organizations by providing financial stability throughout tough economic times. Many nonprofits also offer the option to give monthly through recurring electronic donations. $10 a month may not make much of a dent in your wallet, but it gives nonprofits peace of mind knowing they can count on your support month after month.

Giving is a mutually beneficial action. For the recipient, it is a gesture of support; and for the giver, it nourishes character and goodwill. It is an act that doesn’t have to be seasonal, but instead can be embraced year-round. At CAP, we recognize the act of giving as the gift itself.

As we close our 30th anniversary year, we would like to thank every person who has played a role in giving to us, no matter how big or small. Your giving has lifted the creative spirit of generations of children in our community. You are the reason we are here today, and you are the reason we will be here for decades to come.


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