Summer 2024 Field Trip Guide

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Two students in purple shirts interacting with a touch screen art display

CAP has partnered with the Kids Hope Alliance, Duval County Public Schools and other local and national cultural institutions to offer high-quality arts integration field trip learning opportunities for students this summer.

Research demonstrates that a single, arts-based field trip initiative for elementary school students is an effective way to introduce students to the arts and help them succeed in school by improving their grades in literacy, math and science. To achieve this, the field trip curriculum connects back to each school’s academic curriculum and addresses the social, emotional, and behavioral goals of the classroom.

Participating students receive a Field Trip Passport before they attend their first arts excursion. Children will be encouraged to collect a sticker from each organization they visit, either as a part of the official field trip or if they visit with their families over the summer. The Field Trip Passport includes blank pages for students to write about what they learned during each experience. Students, summer camp administrators and families are also encouraged to download the below worksheets to provide students with additional resources from participating organizations. These worksheets will highlight vocabulary exercises and pre- and post-field trip activities to reinforce learning from the experience while at home over summer break.

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For More Information

For assistance with registering for a field trip, contact Luisa Reis, VP of Programs, at or 904.281.5599 ext. 113.

For more information on the field trip initiative, contact Lucy Chen, VP of Advocacy & Community Engagement, at or 904.281.5599 ext. 122.